Reverb is a magazine for guitarists that features selected articles on musicians, the equipment they use, the music they produce, as well as highlighted news, tips, techniques and tablature. An assessment of existing published materials in this space show some tendencies towards overcrowded and clashing content, so my goal was to create a printed piece that was a little more considered and refined.


The Reverb logo was inspired by the marks of guitar brands that feature more of a dynamic, script lettering style (for example Fender or Gibson.) The colors were selected to allow for flexibility in expressing both subtlety and boldness.


Shown below are a couple of spreads from the magazine, including some department and feature pages.


I designed a digital version of the magazine to be viewed on tablet devices as well. The column of photos and videos on the left scroll independently from the body of text on the right. A lightbox slideshow opens when an image is tapped and the user is able to scroll left and right through the gallery. The user also has the option to bring up a music menu at the bottom of the screen, which features a playlist of selected songs by the artist.


This is an idea for the invitation to the launch event of Reverb magazine. It is intended to be pocket-sized—a little smaller than a 4”x6” postcard.

All articles and images are from online sources:
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