Alice is a digital zine inspired by the brand of guitar picks with the same name. Because the zine is meant to be viewed on a tablet, it was important to keep in mind the interactivity that is inherent in a digital and touch-screen format. I took into consideration the scrolling and swiping transitions for the pages in my digital zine, as well as featuring media that could exist in this format but not in print. The theme of this zine is the rockstar lifestyle: wild, provocative and fun.

All instances of photographs appear in different monochromatic colors as a reference to the aesthetic of a printed zine. I was also very interested in featuring a parallax effect throughout the pages, where some elements stay stationary or move at a different pace in relation to the others. I intend for the contents to be revealed when the user swipes up or scrolls down.

The first feature article contains an interactive element in the cover photo. I designed it so that the image is split in half and the user can swipe the top and the bottom halves, mixing and matching however they wish. The guitar pick is static, intending to cover the face of each person in the photograph (until, of course, the user moves the image).

The following section focuses on guitar equipment. Static elements on the page are the header, the byline and the scrollbar. Images and text slide in from the left or right, depending on the direction that the user swipes. The user can also pinch to zoom in to see the details of the product they are viewing.

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